Wednesday, 21 March 2018


I'm a tourist.

You know the type of adventurous, culturally ultra aware, cosmopolitan, right at home and making best friends everywhere travelers? I'm not one of them. I rather get confused by cutlery, constantly fail in mimicking local manners and consider ordering a cup of coffee quite advanced interaction with natives. The highlight of my trip is if someone thinks I'm a local. If someone would think I'm a local.

I'm fine with moderately beaten path. I have no bucket list. I travel more than I can afford. I travel light. I travel alone, usually. I'll never do a solo paleo vegan trek over Antarctica.

I travel for work and fun. Both are hard to describe briefly. I'm an almost non-practicing lighting designer, but I also do graphic design, and curating of fine arts, especially and not surprisingly light art, and exhibition design, I produce cultural happenings if the need be (not very well, though) and teach both lighting design and light art stuff. Hence the emphasis on the things cultural in this blog.

I mostly travel to destinations of two kinds: places with Horizon & Hammock or Urban Culture & Contemporary Art. In the previous, the essential is a place to rig my hammock, with a view to a sea, where I can pretend to read but actually stare at the horizon for hours. A warm place. Urban culture includes cafés with a view to a street, where I can pretend to read but actually stare at people passing by for hours. Contemporary art, I believe, is self explanatory. It also includes some staring.

I hope I'll someday find a place, which would have this all. So far, no luck in my price range.

Reasons I travel with my own hammock:
it's much more comfortable to wait for a ferry in hammock than on a bench.

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