Friday, 23 March 2018

Holbox Dogs Showing Their Best Sides

Holbox Island, Mexico, February 1st to 8th 2018

As mentioned in the previous posting, the variety of stray dogs in Holbox is astonishing. Here are some examples. As also mentioned, there's an animal rescue centre in Holbox, more on the Refugio Animal Holbox in a posting by Jessica Salo and on the centre's FB page. Volunteers needed!

This one has a spare eye

This one is striking poses for a dog food commercial

This one is into legs

This one wants some alone time

These ones decided to try some contact impro

These ones are planning a girls' night out. It's going to be rave!

This one had a girls' night out

This one always finds the most photogenic lighting

This one really, really wanted to be cuddled

This one doesn't give a shit

This one is well grounded

This one wants to be a mermaid

This one wants to have my breakfast pancake. The dog is just passing by.

This one wanted to be a cow, but being a dog is fine I guess

This one has a sudden existential crisis

This one knows he has the better ass

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